dimanche 6 avril 2014

Aslan doodle

A doodle, one of my random characters. The dude is called Aslan (and he looks pretty kitsch, gosh !)

"Longway North"

No much posts these previous monthes : was passing tests and then have begun to work on... this beautiful feature !! (yaaay !)

Some little pics from the project here :

And here - the making-of.

dimanche 2 mars 2014

jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Wizarding Wednesday

Contribution to the Wizarding Wednesday "Quidditch Harry" of last December !
Not especially fond of "Harry Potter", but after watching some great artists contributions, wished to try also. Here's one from Vee and here - one from Anthony Holden, enjooooy !

And the little work in progress here :